We don't pop molly, we pop B12. ~ Miami Beach, FL

If Los Angeles and New York City had a love child, it would be named Miami.  Miami has the high rises of NYC next to the soft sand beaches of SoCal, resulting in it’s own unparalleled nightlife. For that reason, I couldn’t think of a more perfect location to celebrate my sister’s bachelorette.

 Eight girls flying from Boston to Fort Lauderdale at 6am with zero checked bags is nothing short of a miracle. Our Jetblue flight crew provided a full (free) liquid brunch, thanks to our "Team Bride" T’s and the rest of the trip followed much the same……..

Dancing to salsa at Hosteria Romana, an Italian Hotspot. 

Preparing for sunshine on South Beach --> dancing in a downpour at the Clevelander

LIV --> Tables at Mango's until sunrise

Arriving at an unpredictably perfect view of the entire city.

15 Steps --> Juvia --> The Delano 

I've taken 20+ hour flights to unimaginable destinations but this trip (3 hours from home, surrounded by best friends and family) was better than all of that. Dinner in Paris surrounded by beautiful people and 5 star cuisine is nice and all, but mediocre French food next to an infinity pool in Miami, while watching your best friend gag at the taste of a pig ear? That's all you really need.


"This is ground duck feet, that's what the waiter said." - Nicole

"No Nic, it's duck confit." - Sherri


It's not where you are and what you do, it's who you're with that truly matters. 

Cheers, sis.