Charleston, SC

I spent a summer living in Los Angeles, as you know by now. On day one of my extended getaway, while settling into my accommodation at the University of Southern California, I met 2 blonde bombshells (so So-Cal) named Rachael and Meghan and we went on to spend our entire summer attached at the hip. We suffered through our internship on Sunset Boulevard, creating swag bags  D-list celebrities. We ventured to Malibu on weekends with nothing but a surfboard and a six-pack. We spent nights partying in the Hollywood Hills and days napping on Venice Beach. We spent an entire season without a single care in the world, aside from choosing the best place to brunch.

Rachael married her high school sweetheart this past spring in Charleston, SC. Shortly after receiving my wedding invitation, my surgery was scheduled. This meant no wedding. No South Carolina. No reuniting with my favorite blondes. Hitting the pause button on life before this particular event was tough but I tried not to wallow in too much self-pity, knowing that I can make a trip to see Rachael and her husband when the time is right.


As for South Carolina…I immediately added the destination to my ‘Places to Go’ list. I was shocked to see how quickly my Southern prayers were answered when I was invited to join a long weekend in Charleston for Labor Day Weekend.

Though my time in Charleston was short, I enjoyed the city’s hidden surprises.

 The old colonials that lined the cobblestone streets weren’t always family homes, passed down from generation to generation, but top-notch restaurants that made you feel at home. The aroma of deep fried food lead tourists straight through rot iron gates,  past porch swings and into ‘homes’ where they were welcomed with open-arms. This type of dining brought  ‘Southern Hospitality’ to life.

Trying to choose my favorite part of this trip was tough. Was it our beachside mansion in Isle of Palms? Could it have been our boat ride, watching dolphins breach at sunset?  What really made the top of my list? Recruiting a new travel blogger! I don’t even have to give you the details, because you can check out and find out for yourself!


I'm not finished with the South, just yet. . . . . . .

My next destination bachelorette is fast-approaching and we haven't quite finished recruiting all of Miami's big-name's, but there's time to change that. ;)