a typical day

Another sunny day in South Africa. Woke up at 7 for breakfast & headed straight to see the babies. The nurses in Sara Fox are really starting to warm up to us. Today a nurse talked to me about my future plans & told me, "When you take a husband make sure he is rich and not poor, but be prepared because he will probably be mean!" I sure hope not...

We took about 7 of the babies outside for fresh air and got to push them on swings. They LOVED it. It was nice to get them out of their cribs and into the sun.

After placement I skipped breakfast in the park to meet my South African friend, Blake for lunch at Camp's Bay. Blake and I met in Australia last winter and he happened to be in Cape Town this week. What a small world! It was nice to catch up with a friend from Bond Uni. The restaurant was had an amazing view of the beach. I want to go back ASAP. Blake left for Durban today, so we plan to have lunch again in a new country next year... haha

I spent all night doing arts & crafts with Annah. One of the nurses gave us a list of the babies names and birthdays so that we can make name tags for above their cribs. 6 down 12 to go.

It's nice and cool outside tonight. I'm going to sleep like a baby.

Miss you all.