January 22, 2010

Wednesday my housemates & myself got to eat lunch at Mzoli's Meat, which is a little outdoor restaurant in the township of Guguletu. It's all about live music and BYOB, which we didn't do, because shortly after we went to a youth performance in the basement of a church in the same township. The act was comprised of a 4 piece band and 7 actors/dancers sending messages about HIV/AIDS through performance art. I called it, South African Rent. That night a man named named Themba came to our house and talked to us about his project called, The Institute for Giving Memories. His overall message was that, "Evil flourishes when good people do nothing."

Yesterday was my second to last day at Sarah Fox and the nurses were stunned to hear the news! One was yelling, "Ketti, Ketti, were you not going to tell me this?" I told her that I had, but she carried on telling me to stay. She doesn't know how badly I'd like to take her up on her offer. I told all of the nurses to come see me in Boston. One of them stared off dreamily and said, "Ahhh, Boston...." I know for a fact she doesn't know where Boston is.

One of my favorite nurses took my address and told me that her daughter wants to study in America, so she will write me letters and come stay with me when the time comes. That's fine, right Mom? We basically run a hotel anyways...

After placement we had evaluations where we talked about saying goodbyes at work & the impact our volunteering has had on ourselves and others. T and Luann gave us all small gifts before we headed to our farewell dinner at Mel's. I had some really nice conversations with Latifa about the reasons we meet certain people. She thinks exactly like I do.

This group of people is incredible. Our ages range from 18 to 70. Some are straight out of high school or college, while others are recalling their Peace Core days in the '60's and we've all formed this unbelievable bond. We're one big happy family. The CCS staff says it's their favorite group so far. That's a real compliment.

Today the viruses in the house finally caught up to me. The house mom keeps bringing me "Strepsils," which are our version of cough drops. I don't know what's funnier, that name of them or the fact that she thinks they're going to cure me. I'm going to take a long nap and pray that I feel well enough to go to the African Cafe tonight. I want to get my face painted! I want to enjoy my last night with my South African "family."