Reasons why I'm capable of entertaining myself.

I really wanted to order the "Tosti kaas en tomaat" in a cafe uptown but I had to say it in the plain old American way, toasted sandwich with cheese and tomato. I also went for the green tea which, as far as the language barrier goes, should not have been that difficult.

I don't know my waiter's name but for look's sake we'll call him Fabio.

Fabio - "Green tea or Mint tea?"

Me - "Green tea or mean tea, do you think I'm mean?"

Waiter - "Do mean people drink mint tea?"

Me - "Oh MINT tea!? I'll have green."

Fabio returns - "For you, my love, 1 cup of happy tea and 1 sexy bottle of ketchup."

Me - "Why is the ketchup sexy?"

Fabio - "Why is the tea mean?"

Fast forward 1 hour & one unplanned cheese & pesto sandwich:

Fabio - "For me, our morning together was everything. You will probably forget me right away."

Me - "I will never forget this sandwich or your silky man hair."

Fabio - "For that I am so glad."

This. is. my. life.