La Vie Est Belle - Paris, France

Romance. Fashion. Food.
That is Paris in a nutshell.
How can a single girl encompass all 3 in 1 take? Wear your best Venetian stilettos & enjoy a baguette while staring up at the Eiffel Tower. Well, that's what worked for me.
I know with great certainty that I will never master the romantic French language but I still love listening to it. Even my best attempt at basic French (only practiced in the privacy of my hotel room at Saint Louis Bastille) feels & sounds a lot like gagging.
Sunset Drinks at Centre George Pompidou
Goodnight Paris
Luckily, my Australian friend has been staying in Paris for several weeks and he's learned French niceties for the both of us! Bucky is also traveling alone so we took full advantage of companionship by dining in top-notch French restaurants that you wouldn't want to take a seat in without the perks of sharing gourmet dishes & bottles of bordeux. I was only in France for 48 hours and I was still able to sample Foie Gras (which I confidently compared to cat food), filet minon, salmon & my very first duck.

Go big or go home doesn't always mean choosing 1 or the other because I went big and THEN I went home.
Boston, here I come!