My Arrival in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

During my water taxi ride from Venice to Marco Polo airport (while the other passengers puked into plastic bags on the rough seas) I mentally strategized ways to tread water while keeping my authentic Italian leather handbags overhead. You know, incase we capsized..

I laugh thinking back to that morning because after receiving this email:

and having my 1 hour and 20 minute flight turn into 12 hours of travel (including a pit-stop in Frankfurt) I could not have had a more carefree trip to Croatia.

First stop - The Old Town of Dubrovnik.

I actually had to enter a castle with lightening and thunder crackling overhead in order to find my hostel at 1am. In my sleep-deprived state, I expected to find a knight in shining armor slaying a dragon in the middle of The Old Town but instead it was a drunk Californian questioning whether or not I was 'late girl'. I shrugged off the anti-climatic entrance, took my key & got this 4-person room all to myself.


(Getting a 4-person dorm ALL to yourself is almost as rare as dragons, anyway...)

The following morning I washed my clothes and hung them over tourist-filled street. Feeling too modest to hang my Victoria's Secret goods over the chaos, I decorated my bunk bed with my undergarments in hopes that they would be dry by the time I got back from sight-seeing.

In the hostel I met a whole group of solo travelers from the US, Australia, Italy and Sweden. 6 of us took a walk to the beach in the pouring rain and when we arrived the sun came back! We lounged on the sand long enough to warm up & plunge into the Adriatic Sea. Sanne, my new Swedish friend, turned to me on the beach and asked which room I was staying in in the hostel. I told her I was in room 1A. Her response, "Oh, so you're the underwear girl? I'm your roommate!" Nothing normal comes from hostel accommodation.

Among my beach friends was Samantha from Melbourne, Australia, who I clicked with instantly. The day before our sail we went to market, bought fajita supplies and cooked a classy (by hostel standards) dinner.


From there, it was onto the boat........