Sailors Share Everything - Cruising Croatia

Being the avid travel blog stalker that I am, I knew that the Busabout sails in Croatia come highly recommended. Reading review after review led me to booking an 8 day sail along Croatia's Dalmatian Coast where I explored beautiful islands, swam in the salty Adriatic & watched some of the most incredible sunsets I've ever seen.


What I did not predict was the constant feel of being back at Uni on the Gold Coast of Australia. I was on a boat FULL of new mates from the land down under and as expected from past experience, the Aussies & Kiwis could DRINK.

I expected to get acquainted with Croatian customs, but our boat felt too much like Oz. It wasn't long until I rocked my 'sunnies' to shield the glare, I wore my 'bathers' before jumping off the top deck of our boat & I longed for a 'stubby holder' to keep my beer cold.


Living on a boat means sharing e v e r y t h i n g - snacks, drinks, sunscreen, whooping cough.....

It's safe to say we all shared the same sense of humor, as we listed our predictions for what kind of shenanigans a night on dry land would lead us to - from who would miss the boat to who would end up spewing. (I was voted for the latter. I truly can't keep up with these legends.)

Quotes of the week:

"Shut your port hole."

"Dude, you got levels?"

"#CYJ - Cool your jets."


When we docked at our final port to say goodbye, our new aquatic family was not ready to leave each other. Jeremy (Kiwi with an incredible sense of humor) toasted our guide, Stu, with this farewell with this speech -


"Michael's hat is red

Stephanie's bruises are blue

I think you are the best guide

the group thinks so, too


To the crew of the Istok

We say thank you

Even old serial killer chef

Stu you are true blue


We all say goodbye

but I don't know why

instead I say no, no, no

Because I'm beached as, bro"



- If you don't have any friends from New Zealand, I recommend recruiting some. -


Thanks for the memories, boat mates.

Cheers to health, wellness & land toilets.