Travel Advice from Maps to Apps


If you guessed that I'm back in Italia you are correct. I'm staying by Sotto Marina in Chioggia, a coastal town in the province of Venice. Tomorrow I will be taking a water taxi to Venice to see the sights. I think I'm doing a good job at blending in in Italy because the Italians continue to approach me to ask for directions. That's when the gig is up and I have to tell them, "Sono Straneiro." I'm a foreigner.

Now I'm on a mission -

I'm always being asked how I find accomodations & transportation so easily so I figured I'd share some of my (not so secret) secrets. Ipad / Iphone Apps are a godsend & I utilize them to the fullest.

Flights & Accommodation:

Skyscanner - Compare flights with multiple carriers.

Kayak - Compare flights, hotels & even book your car upon arrival.

Ryanair - Flights can be as low as 15 Euro! Here's the catch: Each passenger can only have 1 piece of luggage that can't exceed 10kg. This is why I haven't flown with them yet...

TripAdvisor - For restaurants, hotels, things to do. I love this app beause it's super easy to navigate and your search runs parallel to a map so it's easy to get your bearings. I prefer trip advisor when searching for a hotel because the reviews are so helpful.

AirBnB - I hadn't heard of this App but my roommate in Tuscany swore by it. This company helps book you accomodation in apartments & guest houses. After staying in so many hostels & hotels a home-stay can be so comforting (and cheap)!

Couchsurfers - This company has a Facebook-like network of travelers who offer their couches to fellow travelers. Even if you're not interested in staying on a couch, It's a great way to meet people on the road or in your hometown. Couchsurfers can be utilized for accomodation, events or general advice on what to do in a particular place.

Group Trips:

G Adventures - This is the company I used to book Local Living in Southern Tuscany. The thing I love about this travel company is that you're not just booking the place, you're booking according to type of adventure you're searching for - active, family, classic, local living, YOLO, etc. You can choose a tour that jumps from one country to the next for 21 days or a tour where you explore 1 region and really get to know it.

Busabout - This tour company is for "budget travel" within Europe. It attracts a young crowd with its hop-on hop-off tour buses all over Europe, as well as hop-on hop-off boats. My first busabout tour is this month! I'm sailing Croatia, from Dubrovnik to Split.


Language apps are always helpful before a trip & it helps pass time on flights.

Today I downloaded a paint app to show my friend how far away I am when he asked me to go to a party in Imperia, Italy tonight. haha

If you're looking for budget-friendly travel in Europe, choose Eastern Europe. 300 Euro translated to around 800 Lei. Going back to Euros made me cringe!

Off to the market to buy fresh fruit that's in my budget. ;)