These are a few of my favorite things - Europe 2013

1. Favorite Activity

Cooking with Stefano - Tuscany, Italy
A lesson in ravioli


2. Favorite Airlines


3. Favorite Hostile

Astor Hyde Park in London

4. Favorite Wine

Stefano's homemade wine from Tuscany. I'm convinced that this magical potion prevents hangovers.

5. Favorite Island

Hvar, Croatia

6. Favorite 'budget friendly' group activity

Cruising the canals of Amsterdam with Blue Boat Company

7. Favorite Steak

Although I don't have a foodie pic as proof, this restaurant felt like being in Alice & Wonderland and the food just added to the fairytale. Makarska, Croatia

8. Favorite place to Roam aimlessly (besides Rome)

Tram & Hattie
Siena, Italy

9. Favorite stranger

10. Favorite Scenic Drive

On a bus from Geneva, Switzerland to Grenoble France


Who says you shouldn't play favorites?