It's Up to You to Find the Beauty in the Ugliest of Days

In case my hiatus didn't make it obvious enough, my physician's attempt at sclerotherapy (the non-invasive approach to attacking my tumor), was not a success. The tumor had eroded the bone surrounding it, causing the mass to "communicate" with my hip joint. If they were to inject the sclerosing agents, they would have compromised the function of my hip joint. 

This outcome led me to Massachusetts General Hospital, where I got a second opinion by a brand new doctor who also specializes in orthopedic oncology. I knew right away he was my guy.

On February 28th, I went in for a major surgery. The tumor was scraped out of the bone in the front of my thigh and packed with bone cement.  A plate and bone screws (for stablization of my weak bone) was then placed through the side of my thigh.  I've never seen the inpatient side of the hospital from a patient-perspective so it was all a bit scary (catheters and drains and bed pans, oh my!) But the support of my family and friends made it so much easier to handle.


After a 5 day stay at MGH, I came home to stay with my parents. In the past 2 weeks I've upgraded from a walker, to crutches and I'm now taking baby steps. I'm like a 26 year-old toddler.  I'm happy to report that as the pain of my incisions diminishes, I'm realizing that the constant hip pain I've been experincing for the past 6 months is gone! My at-home physicial therapist is working to get me back on my feet and I'm pushing myself harder than I thought possible. 


I'm constantly reminding myself that getting through this recovery is mind over matter and because of that, my head is in a great place. I have some serious goals lined up for the next few days, weeks, months, even years! I'm keeping in mind that this procedure will make my goals a possibility. Once my 30 day supply of lovenox injections run dry & I'm back to flying without the fear of blood clots, I have some serious plans in the works.

Stay tuned for the adventures of 2014! We've got A LOT of ground to cover.